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We currently have full time vacancies withing our office / admin / management team that may not require clinical qualifications. CLICK HERE for info.


HIGH RISK SITE PARAMEDIC CONTRACT (6 months - 3 years) Central London, 0800-1700 Mon to Friday. CLICK HERE .

MOBILE PRIMARY CARE PARAMEDIC (6 months trial, ongoing work available) West London (Covering Sunbury, Richmond, Twickenham, Chiswick area - Based Shepperton Studios) 0800-1700 Mon to Friday. CLICK HERE .

Paediatric & Adult Critical Care Transfer Service Vacancies (6 months initial contract) - Based Shepperton Studios - 0800-2000 & 1400-0200 Shifts 7 days per week - PARAMEDICS / EMT / ECA Vacancies. CLICK HERE .


All Location Medical Services staff are fully qualified with front line NHS emergency care experience.  

We recruit the following grades: 

  • Doctors - With ALS qualifications, minor injury competency including wound closure.

  • Advanced Practitioners - ECPs, ANPs & ACPs currently in acute practice in an emergency setting.

  • Nurses - With recent A&E or pre-hospital experience and full registration with up to date annual mandated training (including ILS, Manual Handling, Infection Control and Safeguarding). We also recruit Nurses with expedition or remote medical care experience.

  • Paramedics - Should be at least one year post qualification with Solo / RRV experience. Remote / Independent practice experience is beneficial. Our aim is to see and treat where possible therefor we generally look to paramedics who can demonstrate safe practice in this setting.

  • IHCD Technicians / Associate Ambulance Practitioners / Emergency Ambulance Crew - With exceptional NHS references and evidence of ongoing CPD. We do not employ EMTs who have no NHS experience.

  • ECAs / ECSw's - Must have IHCD D1 & D2 (or equivalent) ambulance driving qualifications and operational experience in an NHS ambulance service.

  • Emergency Responders/ First Responders - We only have a limited number of ER / FR roles om larger events. These staff are always supervised my more senior HCPs and are not deployed alone on any jobs or locations. Will ideally have current experience responding for an NHS Ambulance Trust, Mountain Rescue Service or Lifeboat.

We are sorry - we do not employ first aiders with no operational experience or with basic first aid qualifications.

If you are interested in event first aid we suggest you contact your local voluntary body to gain experience and training.


Work for Location Medial Services generally falls into one of two categories: Film & TV work and Event work. We do not do Patient transport or NHS ambulance contract work.  


Normally long days on Film or TV sets either on location or in studios (including, but not restricted, to Shepperton Studios, where we are based). The film unit medic's role is obviously to ensure that professional help is always on hand without delay in the event of accidents and emergencies om set (particularly with stunts, visual effects or other high risk filming "moments") however we also provide day to day primary care for cast & crew members to ensure that they can receive assistance with minor illnesses or ailments or injuries on set.

Staff are deployed either alone (with appropriate comprehensive medical equipment) or as part of an emergency ambulance crew.

Film unit work offers a lot of variety and takes you to some interesting places not normally accessible to the public. It has its exciting moments - but there is a lot of "standing by" and filming is generally a slow process with lots of repetition. Its certainly not all mingling with the stars (who generally keep themselves to themselves) or especially glamorous. Photos & autographs are a big "no-no" that will end your film unit career very abruptly, even social media "commenting" on productions being filmed is normally prohibited - so even if you do work with your favourite artistes, you wont have anything to show for it!

Workload is slightly unpredictable and can be prone to last minute changes and over runs. If you have to be home at a certain time each day, or cant read a map or get to unknown locations on time, every time - this is probably not a career for you! We work extensively outside and even large studios rarely have heating - so staff have to brave the elements come rain or shine.

We rely on each medic to be their own "advert" - if staff go out of their way to be helpful, on hand (and generally not dozing off in a corner) they will get asked back time and time again - to the point that they can pick and choose jobs. Staff that don't "gel with" our clients, for whatever reason, don't get asked back.  


Our event medical teams provide care up to and beyond that provided by the NHS ambulance service. Staff must have ongoing emergency exposure within the NHS, have excellent CPD and be able to see and treat a wide range of illnesses and injuries, in line with the services provided by Minor Injury Units. Unlike many event companies we are fully registered with the CQC to provide on site medical services and emergency ambulance services, therefore  it is vital that all our staff meet or exceed the exacting standards required.  Whether working as a solo medic or as part of a field hospital, our staff must be in a position to expertly deal with cardiac arrests - including provision of Advanced Life Support (subject to grade), Trauma - including use of trauma bypass tools to access major trauma centres,  Myocardial Infarctions / ECG Arrhythmia including direct referral to Heart Attack Centres and CVA management will direct access to hyper acute stroke services.   

Event work is varied and we are at the forefront of a lot of great sporting, music and public events across the South East and beyond. However we have to be prepared to do what we do come rain or shine, cold or hot. Our customers pay for a service and they get it, on time, every time. This does, occasionally,mean standing in the rain for hours on end, or covering the boring corner of an event. Early starts and long days are common and we rely on staff to be at the right place at the right time - every time.



Please note, work is generally on a bank basis and we look to recruit and retain valuable staff who will work with us over the long term. The proper checks and measures required to take on new staff takes time - as does getting familiar with our work, clients and SOP's. Therefore if you are looking for a quick "fill in" job because you are between contracts or have just "parted company" with an employer we may not be what you want! If you are looking to use your skills in a different environment and have available shifts on on ongoing basis - read on.

We do receive large numbers of applications and have to fit interviews etc around everything else - so it can take some time for us to follow up responses (especially in Summer). If you don't hear from us within a couple of months do not despair, we have an excellent team with very low turnover, be assured we will contact you as soon as we we have a vacancy on our bank for which you are the most suitable candidate.

The form below is not an application form - its just a convenient way for you to express an interest and for us to be able to identify how you fit with our recruiting priorities at any point in time.

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