Event Control & Communications Services

Location Medical Services can provide comprehensive fully staffed Control and Communications Solutions for events large and Small.

These can be on site or remotely situated wherever its required. We can provide short term room hire with all phone and internet lines at Shepperton Studios (from one day to 6 months) and can staff control centres fully - or operate alongside your own staff. 

We have the staff and expertise to provide control & communications services for much more than medical communications. We can provide vehicle / runner GPS tracking, advanced mapping and radio and satellite communications solutions - so wherever the event - we can keep a watchful eye over whatever is going on. 

Applications Include.

Full ELT & Event Control - A Central Hub for all your event communications.

Rider / Runner Assistance Numbers - For distance or endurance Running or Cycling Events we provide manned "rider assistance" phone numbers that event participants can call in the event of any problems. We can then resolve lost riders, medical incidents, mechanical incidents, traffic or route issues and, if necessary, communicate with your teams "on the ground" to keep everything running Smoothly. 

Medical Assistance - In the UK or abroad we can provide specialist operators to manage and co ordinate any medical incidents on your event. These staff are trained to communicate with patients or witnesses to extract relevant information to ensure the right help is dispatched without delay. Trained staff can also offer treatment help and advice remotely where appropriate. 

Event Communications - We work with trusted partner companies to provide local, wide area or UK wide communications for events.

All communications through our control rooms are logged and your team "on the ground" can view live comms logs so you can see exactly whats going on and what calls are being dealt with by our teams in Control.

LMS Event Control Team

LMS Event Control Team