Cycling events have their own set of challenges for which expert medical cover is needed.  Alongside the exertional collapse conditions associated with high intensity sports, cycle events also have the added risk of high speed collisions including 'pile ups'.

LMS have a great deal of experience providing cover for road and track cycling events.   From command and control, response, advanced treatment  & transport we, strive to ensure we use the latest evidenced based practice including Hypotonic Saline,  Digital Core Temperature Management and  ETCo2 monitoring.  

Track Cycling

The track has the advantage of being in a in a small geographical however, especially on banked tracks, speeds can be high with consequential impact forces. Exertional Heat Stroke is a real concern and care of arrhythmias needs to be  of a high standard. 

Road racing

Road racing on closed roads with elite cyclists or on open roads with club or recreational riders logistics of static treatment posts, rapid response paramedics and ambulance cover must combine to provide comprehensive cover over potentially long distances.