Film & TV Stunt Medical Cover

When you have a stunt team performing high risk, high speed or high level sequences you cant afford to take any chances with their safety. Unfortunately the film industry is plagued with self styled "film stunt medics" and ambulance providers who concentrate on "looking the part" whilst falling well short of acceptable standards or who are operating illegally without Care Quality Commission registration (a legal requirement for all ambulance services in England since 2012) (See Here for more Information).

Location Medical has over 20 years of experience in covering stunts and, in that time, there is not a lot we have not seen and done. In addition to properly equipped, well maintained modern ambulances and experienced paramedics, we can provide advanced paramedic practitioners, specialist casualty access teams, water rescue teams, remote medics, and air ambulance support with pilots and medics experienced in air ambulance operations.  These are not hypothetical services we could put together if the demand arises - they are services we have actually delivered for film & TV companies in the UK and abroad.

If, however, we feel you need skills or services we don't have, this is exactly what we will tell you. We may put you in touch with a trusted 3rd party provider - but we wont accept any compromises with your safety or our reputation by telling you we are experts in anything we are not. 

Don't be fooled by medics who "talk a good job". In the unlikely event that a stunt goes wrong there is absolutely no substitute for experience. 


Location Medical Services does not provide "Fire Medics". Its a nice idea (especially for a production tempted by cost savings) but, in the event of an emergency, a fire fighter and a paramedic have very different, and very important, roles. To imply that one operative can do both is slightly disingenuous.  You wouldn't go to a plumber dentist, or hire a makeup cameraman - so why believe that a fire medic is giving you both skill-sets in one package! If you want professional medical provision speak to us. If you want experienced fire/rescue operatives speak to a reputable, experienced fire company. If you want someone to sell you budget "all in one" services in the hope that nothing really goes wrong there seem to be more and more people you can call...but if your stunt goes wrong think about what you want them to do first  - make the scene safe and control the ongoing risk to the patient and the rest of your crew, or deal with life threatening injuries. They cant do both!