4 Wheel Drive "Off Road" Ambulances & Paramedic Units

For remote locations, grass site events, "off road" events or anywhere where medical teams may need to access a casualty off tarmac - we can provide fully equipped 4x4 Medical Support Units and Ambulances with "off road" capabilities.

Particularly suitable for equine events, motocross or sporting events on grass tracks- we know that its not enough to just turn up with an ambulance - we need to make sure it can get to a potential casualty anywhere on your event site in an emergency. 

Our drivers are experienced in driving "off road", and vehicles are equipped to ensure that expert medical services are on hand for wherever required.

As ever we are happy to advise - All too often clients book a ‘conventional’ ambulance - only for us to find that the location and terrain means our crews would have difficulty reaching or removing a casualty in an emergency.